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What Makes the Perfect Aluminium Sliding Door?

Sliding doors have become a commonplace fixture in office environments and prevalent in residential homes. Type and quality of materials and overall construction all contribute to the quality of sliding doors or lack thereof. The standard of installation is another key element in whether the slidings operate smoothly as it should or otherwise.

Most of the sliding doors in use today have aluminium frames with glass panes. This is not surprising because, aluminium possesses properties that are ideal for use as slider door frames. Glass panes are the perfect compliment to aluminium frames because of its sturdiness and transparency. The things to look out for when investing in aluminium sliding doors are:

  • Although there is a natural tendency to opt for cheaper aluminium sliding doors, the advice is to resist that route. Cheap aluminium sliding door deals come with just as cheap and low-quality fittings such a s tracks and rollers with filmy locking mechanism. What can go wrong with a low-quality set of aluminium sliding doors? The low-quality fittings such as poor-quality rollers, can spell trouble for the sliding door track resulting in significant repair cost and inconvenience. On the other hand, an inferior or poor-quality track gets worn out easily thus compromising the operation of the sliding system which would in turn cause much money to correct.
  • When low quality aluminium sliding doors fail, and they would soon enough, the cost of replacing them would be much higher than if you had settled for a higher quality set.
  • Good quality aluminium sliding door systems, on the other hand, might cost more as an initial investment but the enjoyment long undisrupted usage would be well worth it. The fittings such as rollers, tracks, wheel housings and locks that accompany a high-quality aluminium sliding door system are are made with better technology, made to last and hardly ever require replacements.
  • Modern aluminium sliding doors have slim but sturdy profiles which will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or office interior. With aluminium, you would not experience warping, swelling or sticking as you could expect with say wood materials or PVC.
  • All aluminium sliding door frames come powder coated instead of anodised. This essentially means it is maintenance free. The powder coating literally last forever and does not require renovating or painting. Just normal wiping or dusting would be more than sufficient. The powder coats come in myriad colour which means you would be spoilt for choice.
  • If installed properly, an aluminium sliding door system is airtight with wind and water-resistant properties. In cold weather, the home, equipped with a high-quality aluminium sliding door, would fell less draughty and conversely, in warm weather, they could be opened to let in fresh cool air. It copes exceptionally well with heat, sunlight, rain and humidity, and won't rust, rot, crack or warp.

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