The Best Places to Install Sliding Glass Doors in Your Home

Sliding glass doors are infinite much more versatile than traditional ones. We spent a lot of time at home and therefore the aesthetics and functionality of our doors are of paramount importance. Choosing sliding glass doors over traditional ones can prove to be a smart investment in your home.

Sliding glass doors can be installed in virtually any part of your house where you can enjoy natural sunlight to fill your home with healthful ambience. The glass panes come in a wide array of tinting or aftermarket tinting films can be applied easily.

The most common places where sliding glass doors are installed in the home are accesses to the garden or balcony and in kitchen areas. However, your options as to where your sliding glass doors can be installed are literally limitless. Below are some placements ideas:

glass door

As Partitions

Partitions are creatively used to divide or demarcate a particular space. Sliding glass doors are commonly used to demarcate the living room from your dining area. This is particularly helpful when one is hosting a large party or in a formal setting where privacy is required. The transitioning form one space to another is unobtrusive and seamless.

wardrobe door

Bathroom Functionality and Aesthetics

Most bathrooms are relatively small in size. Sliding glass doors frees up usable space in a bathroom and at the same time contribute to the stylish aesthetics. The durability and easy maintenance of sliding glass doors are more reasons why it should be used as an enclosure.

kitchen cabinet door

Kitchen Area

The kitchen is where we spend a lot of time in. The kitchen these days are no longer just a space where we do our cooking but it is also a favourite place for the family and guest to mingle around. In large homes, especially in Malaysia, most kitchens are separated into dry and wet kitchens. A sliding glass door is the ideal partition between the two. The inevitable grease and smoke emanating from the wet kitchen would be prevented from entering the dry kitchen by the sliding glass doors. To a large extent unwanted odour can also be kept out.

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The Balcony Area

The balcony area is another place where we spend a lot of time relaxing and taking in the view out there. A sliding glass door adds a nice touch to the ambience of the home. A balcony is a natural extension of the house acting as a connector between the interior and exterior spaces. When the weather is good, we can transition through the sliding glass doors to the balcony easily. And in the event of inclement weather, the sliding glass doors can be easily closed to shield the interior of the house. A glass sliding door leading to the balcony provides safety as one can monitor the activities of a child or pet playing there.

kitchen cabinet door

The Bedroom

Installing glass sliding doors in the bedroom immediately gives off a sense of bigger space and airiness. The room would take on a look and feel of tidiness and uncluttered modernity. Needless to say, sliding glass doors would give you much need space that could be utilised better. Wardrobes using glass sliding doors are gaining popularity because of the obvious benefits. The look suggests high style that comes with operational functionality.

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