The Benefits of Anti-Jump Sliding Door

When you close the sliding doors of your cabinet, it produces an irritating sound of the door colliding with the frame. If you do not control the door closing speed, it jumps back before closing. When the door jumps back, it pushes the door frame and the locks. It can lead to many problems in the future. It can disturb the alignment of the sliding door to make it noisier. It can reduce the door durability because hitting force reduces frame integrity. You can solve all these issues by installing the anti jump sliding doors. These doors are popular in Malaysia as many contractors are using these doors in their projects. We have compiled some benefits of these doors to help you make a better choice.

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Noise reduction

Noise reduction is one of the crucial benefits of the anti jump sliding doors because you will get noise reduction in two ways. The mechanism will reduce the door speed when it is near closing. The speed reduction will stop the colliding sound. Some doors collide many times to produce a repeating noise. You can also prevent it using the anti jump mechanism. The anti-jump mechanism wheels have a cushioning structure that can reduce the noise from the uneven surface of the frame. Traditional sliding doors produce a sharp noise due to dust and uneven frame surface. Most Malaysian homes avoid the traditional sliding doors due to noise issues.

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Glass protection

Most of us could not install glass in the sliding doors because of the fear of glass breaking. When the door collides with the frame, it produces shock in the glass. If you close the door with more force, the glass may break. You can install the glass in the sliding door if you use the anti-jump system. It will prevent colliding to stop the shock. It also improves safety as you know that kids can also use the glass sliding door without fear. You can save the glass replacement cost when you use the anti-jump mechanism. You can use these doors with the glass in your office to improve the aesthetic appeal.

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Improve durability

Some people do not know how much force they should use to close the sliding door. If they use less force, the door will not close. If they use more force, the door will collide with the frame and jump back. Especially, when children close the door, they use full force. It can reduce the sliding door’s durability. Some people also install anti-lift systems to enhance durability further. When the sliding door is not colliding with the frame, the durability increases. There is no need to repair the door for a long time. It can also reduce repair costs.

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Some people like perfection. It is unprofessional for the doors of a house or office to make noise or jump when closing. Most people did not use the sliding doors in their offices because of the noise. After the discovery of the anti-jump mechanism, people install the sliding doors at the entrance of the offices. It is also good for the business because the clients will observe that you use high-quality stuff. You can gain more respect from the clients when you use the advanced door systems. It can also have a good impact on your business. If you install these doors in your home, you can enjoy the convenience of the automatic door closing without electricity. Most people complain that kids do not close the doors when they enter rooms. You can solve this issue by installing anti-jump doors. The doors will close automatically when the kids go to the room. It will also save you the cost of the electricity as the doors will close without external power. There is no concern of the kids hurting themselves as soft closing of the door prevents injuries.


After looking at all the benefits of the anti-jump sliding doors, we can conclude that it is essential to install these doors instead of the traditional ones to improve safety and durability. You can also reduce the repairing costs when you use these sliding doors. As they are safer and save money, there is no reason to install the traditional sliding doors instead of doors with an anti-jump system.

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