Glass Door

Gianni Panel have been making premium glass doors for years in different renowned commercial and  residential projects. Paired with our state or the art aluminum frames, our glass doors can be customized to various dimensions and designs to bring the best our of both function and aesthetics, promising a premium experience.


Glass door vs other

3G Glass Door Other
Mircon 10 Normal
Weight 18.5g 8.4g
Thickness 2.20mm 0.93mm


Comparison in Weight


Comparison in Thickness


Benefits of Frameless Glass Sliding Door for Your Malaysian Home

The frameless glass door has started gaining more popularity in Malaysia due to its customization options and aesthetically appealing look. A glass door can make any interior super impressive while offering energy efficiency benefits. You can expect improved ventilation, seamless interaction, and easy accessibility from a sliding door.

There are many architectural and functional advantages of installing a glass door. Here are a few you can go through.


Uninterrupted Views

A frameless glass door will not have the frame to obstruct any view, and you can explore outside without stepping out. You can watch your kids and surrounding and enjoy the relaxing environment in the evening and morning hours.


Improved Ventilation

You can open glass panels and allow air in whenever needed. As each panel will slide separately, you can clean them fast and get improved ventilation. You will save on energy and can get the desired warmth and coolness naturally.


Advanced Safety

Most of the glass panels use tempered safety glass that minimizes the risk of accidents significantly. Also, the glass will have lamination to offer soundproofing benefits. Once you install a frameless glass sliding door, there will not be much disturbance from outside.


Increased Value

This simple installation can boost the resale value of your property. A glass door looks impressive and modern, and it can increase the value of any home. With this installation, you can optimize the open space area, increase livable space, and get a sophisticated feel. All these can impress all your potential buyers.


Endless Customization

You can have a sliding door in any color and design based on the style of your home or office. You can choose single, double, or triple glazing to find the best fit for your space. Currently, many designs are available to create the best possible option for all homeowners in Malaysia.

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