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Product Overview

3G Door & Acrylic

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Inventing A Better Lifestyle

We take pride in our work of innovation and care for our customers. Ever since 3G first introduced acrylic as furnishing material in frames and handles, the acrylic manufacturing market has grown uncontrollably in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Europe as acrylic sheets have proven to be the mark of stylishness and trendiness. Recently, we have launched a technologically modified acrylic sheet that revolutionises the world of manufacturing. This radical improvement on traditional acrylic changes how interior designers and manufacturers build furniture and furnishings.



Outstanding Features

  • A pleathora of designs and colours available
  • Made with original materials
  • No toxic leakage and black smoke when burned
  • Harmless to children & adults
  • Minimum 2mm thickness
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High gloss options available
  • Easy to maintain and clean

The new 3G Acrylic

is not only elegant looking but also safe to use.

While most acrylic releases hazardous fumes when burned with fire, 3G Acrylic are specially made with safe substances that will not give out toxic flames or even dripping of the material during combustion. Made using advanced technologies from Japan, 3G Acrylics are manufactured with the health of the users in mind. Hence, given the hot climate in Southeast Asia, households and offices using 3G Acrylic can be rest assured that their health will not be directly threatened by

the 3G Acrylic products around them. 3G Acrylic sheets can be easily coloured to produce eye-catching and unique looks. Imagine DIY-ing your home or office furniture; 3G Acrylic sheets will allow you to personalise their colours and shades to match your design. Combining an elegant outlook, lightweight property, high flexibility and toughness, top with functionalities that put users’ health at priority, every 3G Acrylic product is designed and made to incredibly high standards.



At 3G, our robust manufacturing processes and stringent quality control policies are your assurance to excellence in all of our products and services. Over the decade, we have been dedicated to innovative design and superb customer service in order to serve the market with reliable materials and convenience of professional craftsmanship.




When it comes to design, 3G doesn't disappoint. We go beyond the industrial standards to manufacture extrusions that are stronger and more durable. Made with raw aluminum, our extrusions are not prone to oxidation. With our units are 53% heavier than the normal unit. We have also specially designed the shape of the units to hold more strength. Hence, you can trust that our profile handles, gaskets, edging, and end caps are tougher than the rest.

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