6 Things You Should Know About Aluminium Door Handles

We all want our homes to look the best. That’s why we take the time to choose the perfect furniture and fixtures. But what about the door handles? Have you ever given them a thought? If not, then it’s time to start paying attention to them because they can make or break the look of […]

Benefits of Having Anti-Jumping Sliding Doors for Your Home

Gianni Panel’s Sliding Door products are a step above the rest, featuring an elegant design for the contemporary home or business rooms. Instead of overwhelming your clients or guests using expensive yet rigid sliding doors, Gianni Panel offers a wide selection of high-class sliding doors that features an anti-Jump system to provide a smooth experience […]

The Benefits of Anti-Jump Sliding Door

When you close the sliding doors of your cabinet, it produces an irritating sound of the door colliding with the frame. If you do not control the door closing speed, it jumps back before closing. When the door jumps back, it pushes the door frame and the locks. It can lead to many problems in […]

The Best Places to Install Sliding Glass Doors in Your Home

Sliding glass doors are infinite much more versatile than traditional ones. We spent a lot of time at home and therefore the aesthetics and functionality of our doors are of paramount importance. Choosing sliding glass doors over traditional ones can prove to be a smart investment in your home. Sliding glass doors can be installed […]

Why People Choose Aluminium Sliding Doors

Doors are not fixtures in a home that are frequently changed. The type of doors would have much impact on the look and feel of an office space or home. The two most common types of door systems come down to either the traditional hinged doors (sometimes referred to as French doors) or sliding doors with glass […]

What Makes the Perfect Aluminium Sliding Door?

Sliding doors have become a commonplace fixture in office environments and prevalent in residential homes. Type and quality of materials and overall construction all contribute to the quality of sliding doors or lack thereof. The standard of installation is another key element in whether the slidings operate smoothly as it should or otherwise. Most of […]

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