Benefits of Having Anti-Jumping Sliding Doors for Your Home

Gianni Panel’s Sliding Door products are a step above the rest, featuring an elegant design for the contemporary home or business rooms. Instead of overwhelming your clients or guests using expensive yet rigid sliding doors, Gianni Panel offers a wide selection of high-class sliding doors that features an anti-Jump system to provide a smooth experience in using your doors.

These anti-jumping sliding doors provided by Gianni Panel operate smoothly and silently, including an appealing appearance to everyone. Also, the material is durable enough to withstand the damage caused by daily usage.

What are anti-jumping sliding doors?

The anti-Jump feature specialist has discovered that employing rollers with shock-absorbent elements improves the sliding quality and reduces loud noise on rough ground. The Anti-Jump sliding solution, renowned for walk-in closets, introduces a unique place with a functional and comfortable setting by combining reliable wheels and strengthened aluminum-framed rolling panes.

You can install Anti jump Sliding Doors in Kitchen Doors, walk-in Closet Doors, Library or office doors, and any other kind of door.

Every sliding door here on Gianni Panel is constructed with an aluminum frame and various filler components, including Polystyrene, Polycarbonate Panels, Fibered Glass, and Layered Glass. Using a door brush connected to the door can decrease the effect of bumps.

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The best places to install an anti-jump sliding door in your home

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Room Partitioning

Innovative dividers are utilized to separate or delineate a place. Typically, sliding doors will separate your dining room from your living room. This is especially useful when dividing one room to create a small office since you need to have smooth gliding doors to avoid causing distracting noise. The shift from one place to another is smooth and quiet.

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In the Restroom

The majority of restrooms are pretty tiny. Anti Jump Sliding doors liberate helpful areas in a washroom and add to its attractive appearance. Reliability and simple maintenance are additional factors that anti-jump sliding doors must be utilized as separators.


In the dining room

Most of our time is spent inside the kitchen preparing meals. Families today not only use the kitchen to eat and cook, but it also serves now as a gathering spot for friends and relatives to socialize as well. Central and dirty kitchens are often divided in some residences, particularly Malaysia. The best way to separate these two rooms is with an Anti Jump sliding door. Anti Jump sliding doors would keep out the dirt and fumes that would otherwise leak into the central kitchen coming from the dirty one. You can also prevent foul odors by installing these.

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In the Balcony

We also spend most of our time on the terrace or balcony, resting and admiring the sight. Anti-Jump sliding doors are a great way to enhance the feel and look of a room. You don’t want to get distracted because of the reaping noise of rough sliding doors. Your terrace serves as a bridge between the indoor and outdoor areas. You can go smoothly from the veranda towards the living room once the sun shines. Also, you can quickly shut anti jump sliding doors in the case of an adverse climate.

Who are We?

Gianni Panel is committed to encouraging the usage of quality materials for interior equipment and sliding doors. Gianni Panel understands that a healthy lifestyle starts with the structure in which people invest most of their time, either in their home or workplace. Therefore, Gianni Panel concentrates on producing the highest-grade products, exquisite quality, and usability.

Our pieces are all certified multi-purpose materials. From a vast selection of anti-jump sliding doors through high-quality steel plates to various style knobs and everyone in between, Gianni Panel has collaborated with multiple designers and design professionals to create the most refined product for our dearest customers. Since we employ only the finest materials, we can ensure that every one of our items is very functional and durable. Our extensive selection of items simplifies your job since they are adaptable to practically every inner configuration. Most significantly, Gianni Panel only uses harmless chemicals to produce our goods. Therefore, you may be confident that we can always provide what we’ve committed.

Throughout the last ten years, Gianni Panel has manufactured a multitude of bespoke castings to meet the demands and aspirations of design professionals throughout Asia, the Mideast, and Europe. The company’s cutting-edge technology assures the most outstanding amount of protection, resilience, and performance.

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