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December 16, 2015

Wardrobe Design Tips for Malaysia House Owner

When it comes to wardrobe designs, getting your storage options is one task, but how you plan it may not be as easy as planned. How big is your room? How big is your wardrobe space? How organized would you want it to be? Does your bedroom space bother you?

Here at Malaysia house owner, we not only provide solutions for unique styles and configurations but also give advice on how to maximize on space, maintain neatness and avoid jammed closets

Before suggesting various wardrobe designs that may suit everyone’s needs, let us take a look on what one needs to consider before choosing the wardrobe design that is ideal:

1. The existing pieces of furniture in the room and the amount of storage needed.

2. Ensure you take accurate measurements of the space where you intend to place or build it. Besides measuring the width and length of the space, also take into accounts things such as doors and windows, as they may hinder the perfect positioning of the wardrobe. Make sure there is enough space for the doors to open easily.

3. Thirdly, put into consideration the functions of the ideal wardrobe. This significantly is dependent on your needs and wants. Put in mind that different wardrobe equals to different number of compartments. If you are in need of ample space then you should consider a complicated and complex design which will allow you to store all your accessories, clothes, towels and shoes.

How will you know that, that wardrobe designs style works for you?

1. By knowing your storage style. Many shelves will work for one who likes sweaters folded and stacked, synchronized by color to make it look attractive.

2. If your wardrobe will consist of professional suits or business garments then ample space for hanging them is advised. Giving your fine clothes extra space to hang free will keep them wrinkle free and in good shape making you look great.

3. If for both clothe types, that is folded and not folded, a partitioned wardrobe is a great idea.

Tips Various Types of Wardrobe Designs

If you value space in your room then your ideal choice is a sliding door wardrobe. Unlike traditional ones, sliding wardrobes go from the floors right to the ceiling top. This not only reduces the door opening hassles but also increases ones clothes storage, shoes storage and any other stuff that one keeps in his or her own closet such as women’s accessories.

For a permanent storage solution, fitted wardrobes are highly recommended. They ensure storage space is maximized, making room for an innovative range of storage solutions that are chosen with you and tailored by us to your precise needs. When it comes to fitting, we will tailor the wardrobe to your room, cutting and engraving the frame to precisely fit it neatly into the available space.

On the other hand, free standing wardrobes or ready assembled wardrobes are meant for a temporary solution. It is a commendable choice for ones always on the move. They can easily be moved around and they do not pose too much trouble when moving house.

Do you wish to have a place for everything and everything in its place? You just described a walk in wardrobe. It is designed to maximize every last millimeter of space and can include a range of clever storage solution to satisfy every customers need. Walk in wardrobe caters for lighting of the room and one’s own habits. It also ensures a free flow circulation of air to avoid the clothes and shoes getting all stuffy and smelly.

In a house full of kids, try at all costs to avoid glass made wardrobes. Yes, as an adult one is careful but children often if not always play around and one may get into a serious accident with the glass. For a classy wardrobe, try plywood made wardrobes or laminate. They are safe and appealing to the eyes and have a long lifespan.

Remember a well-designed wardrobe is an important aspect of your home furniture in any house and for this reason one should choose it carefully.

If in need of more help or advice, visit the website where you will get most of the information you need about your wardrobe design.

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