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Sliding Doors – Types of Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors are the types of doors that slides open horizontally along a track. They are usually mounted on, or suspended from the track and slide in either direction on roller wheels. There are many different types of sliding doors available in the market to consumers today. Among most of them, we are here to briefly explain about types of sliding doors in the market.

One of the most common offering is pocket doors. Pocket doors are sliding doors used very commonly in areas when there are no spaces for hinged doors. A pocket door slides along its own length and disappears into a space let it be a compartment, pocket or at times a wall. The rollers are always located on an overhead track to conceal better, if not they will be available with floor tracks.

These sliding doors are utilized in a lot of interior applications, which includes bathrooms, closets, store rooms, kitchen spaces, offices and many more. There are used where space constraints inhibit the use of traditional doors. They can be found much more in modern architectural designs, and can be found in both single and double door varieties.

Another popular type of sliding doors is arcadia door. They come in rectangles with glass panels. An arcadia sliding door is mounted on rollers, parallel to a fixed glass panel of similar shape. They designed in alignment with the glass panel when fully open, slides back in place whenever it's closed. They are frequently used as a barrier between the interior and exterior of a home. In particular applications Arcadia doors are also known as Patio doors. Derived from the original meaning, which it leads to a patio area.

Bypass doors are sliding doors often used for closets and pantries. They slide back and forth when the door is opened. When closed, they stand adjacent against one another to block the entrance or opening effectively. Bypass doors are fitted into tracks either at top or bottom of the door frame.

On top of all the sliding doors mentioned above, there are a lot more of different sliding doors. All these include louvered or shuttered mirrored, French, Shojis etc. Sliding doors are generally used to cover storage areas, pantries, closets, dining areas, kitchen, and many more. They have to look like real shutters and usually consist of 2 panels of doors. Whichever sliding door you like, they are definitely a worthy addition to complement your interior.