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Top 10 Benefits of Sliding Doors

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With the emerging variations of different door options, one can only be lost among some innovative designs. One of our favorites would definitely be sliding doors. Here we discover 10 points that made sliding doors our prime choice.

  1. Energy Efficiency
    Sliding doors are amazing insulators, at least from our experience. Most sliding doors are fitted with composite gaskets to ensure they provide maximum thermal insulation. The doors also act as a barrier to weather, sound, dust, and rain.
  2. Indoor-Outdoor Flow
    Sliding doors offer a wider and immersive visual experience. It literally creates a seamless flow between your outdoor scenery and indoor spaces. Sliding doors make use of strong door frames with glass panels to offer panoramic views.
  3. Safety
    Back then when tempered glass was not common and economic, they earned a reputation for being a little dangerous. However, things have changed in recent years after introduction of tempered glass in sliding door construction.
  4. Security
    Security is important in every part of the world, and it definitely raises concerns in Malaysia. This is one of the most important considerations when you decide to invest in sliding doors. Sliding doors are well constructed with strong steel frames and gaskets. On top of that, one can incorporate additional locking mechanisms for improved security.
  5. Space Saving
    Sliding doors operate without a hinge. Instead sliding door glides along a steel track on a horizontal axis. The doors simply glide sideways without needing extra space to swing open. This means the construction of the door helps maximize space saving without the need for the door arc, as sliding doors simple open up by one door sliding over another panel.
  6. Natural Light
    Due to the extensive use of glass panels in sliding doors, the glass literally runs from one corner to another of the door panel. This unique design helps maximize natural light coming in. Natural sun lights have endless benefits to our human body, enjoy the floodlit interiors!
  7. Easy Access and maintenance
    Sliding doors move more smoothly and easily on the rails. This is what you do when you open a sliding door – Push gently and allow them to glide. This not only offers easier access but also it reduces maintenance for less mechanics around.
  8. Environmentally Friendly
    Some companies actually pay serious attention about environmental issues. Some companies actually make use of wood harvested from sustainable managed forests in building sliding doors. Timber is well known for its renewable traits, as well as boasting amazing insulation and durability. Timbers are easy to clean, with no use of chemicals at all.
  9. Great Glazing
    Sliding doors are always the favorite among elderly and parents. Without scientific backups, we make smart assumptions where unobstructed view being the reason. Elderly can enjoy the greeneries throughout the day, while parents can keep an eye on their children playing outdoor. You can choose glazing for your sliding doors that boasts practical benefits like reduction of harmful UV rays, better acoustic insulation and reduction of condensation on glass.
  10. Contemporary Style
    Sliding doors make bold statements when aesthetic come into discussion. They are simple elegant to any home that embraces modern and contemporary interior design. The sleek and simple looks compliment most architectural styles while being extremely functional and practical.