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The Top 3 Styles of Wardrobe Design in Malaysia

Wardrobe systems are designed to help your home get organized by providing proper storage areas to keep all your clothes and other stuffs. These types of bedroom wardrobe furniture are usually tall with upright cases fitted with hanging hooks, rods, shelves and/or drawers. They feature several different styles and types of doors. The door can be a sliding door, hooked door, or coplanar door.

These days, wardrobe systems come in a wide variety of designs and finishes that would easily fit different type of bedroom you may have. When deciding on a wardrobe design, you need to consider the space with which you're working with as well as the amount of clothing and accessories you have to organize. Here is a simple guide to the three most common wardrobe design options to help you choose a wardrobe system that best suits your needs. Read more about wardrobe design tips for Malaysia house owners.

3 Types of Wardrobe Design

1. Basic Wardrobe Design

This type of wardrobe design features a basic box-like design with a frame and a rail as well as a shelf at the bottom. Some models may have more decorative and functional options, such as drawers at the bottom, along with several extra shelves. They are made from a variety of materials, from wood and melamine to canvas and nylon. These wardrobes are generally more affordable than all the other types of wardrobes. As a result, these type of wardrobe design provide a quick, inexpensive storage solution for clothes. As well as being fitted in bedrooms, these wardrobe systems can be used in children rooms, dorm rooms and guest rooms.

2. Armoire Wardrobe Design

An Armoire wardrobe design refers to a tall cupboard that stands alone, instead of being built into a wall. This type of wardrobe design typically comes with shelving, but some models may feature a rod to hang clothing items. Most armoires are made from wood, and provide a more ornate and visually appealing option than the basic wardrobe. There are many different wardrobe designs and styles available to suit your decorating style. They also offer wider range of storage options, including shelves, rods, drawers and dividers, than the basic wardrobe. However, these storage features are often permanently fixed, unlike those of basic wardrobes which can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. As you might expect, these wardrobe design are more expensive than the basic wardrobes; but you can still find some inexpensive models online or at wholesale stores.

3. Custom Wardrobe Design

A custom fitted wardrobe design can be either an adjustable self-assembled wardrobe or a fully customized design wardrobe system. Adjustable self-assembly units offer a great storage option for organizing closet space, providing you with some degree of choice when it comes to the inside storage features and door finishes. These wardrobe design are quite affordable and, therefore, can be a great choice if you're working on a tight budget.

A fully customized wardrobe design, on the other hand, provides you with limitless choices when it comes to wardrobe design, accessories, door style, shoe organizers, colour options, finishes, storage features like drawers, shelving, hanging rods, and more. You can have your custom wardrobe design built to your own specifications to coordinate with your room decor, or to fulfil any other style or functional need. Also, you can choose from a wide range of materials and accessories, from wood, lacquered panels, mirrored glass decor, and even an aluminum sliding door that is designed with versatility, functionality and elegance in mind. In short, you can have a wardrobe system that maximizes your space and perfectly meets your need.