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Wardrobe Systems: Some Simple Pole System Walk-in Wardrobe Design Ideas

Pole system walk-in wardrobes are available in many different sizes. A small pole system walk-in closet allows room for just one person, while a large walk-in closet can be similar to the size of a room. While configuring your walk-in closet, you need to consider its size to come up with the best closets setup. It is important to understand that a large walk-in closet will offer more space and features like a dressing area. Let us talk about some basic pole system or walk-in closet ideas to help you manage space in a better way.

Small-Size Walk-in Closets

Small-size pole system walk-in wardrobes allow you to enter, stand and even close the door. However, there's not much space for other activities. A small walk-in closet does not contain a seating space or benches. As a result, it does not allow any lingering. Usually, a small closet has three solid walls. The fourth wall is softer and contains a door.

In order to manage space in a small walk-in wardrobe, you should leave the center area clear. This will allow you to have easy access to the walls. It will be better if you store everything vertically on the shelves. You can even hang hooks on the walls to hang scarves, belts and ties.

Medium-Size Walk-in Closets

In a medium-size walk-in closet, you have enough room to walk around the clear area. You can divide the space into two parts and for two different functions. One of the best walk-in wardrobe designs includes adding a seating space or bench to the closet. In case you have a large central area in your walk-in closet, you can easily place a bench.

You can try customizing pole system wardrobes. In fact, many custom pole system walk-in wardrobes include benches with their own storage space. You can even attach a mirror to the door. It will make sure you can check your outfits as you try them on. A freestanding shelving unit will also be a good idea. You need to make sure that it is accessible from both sides of the bench. As mentioned earlier, you can place hooks on the sides of this shelving unit to hang belts, ties, scarves and long necklaces.

Large Walk-in Closets

Large walk-in wardrobes have a lot of room. In fact, they may be as big as your bedroom. Most of the large closets are part of master bedrooms. These walk-in closets may also include skylights or windows. Large walk-in closets can be divided into multiple sections to serve different purposes. You can use a bench to create a separate area for storing and wearing shoes. You can even create a makeup station with a vanity mirror, table and chair. Large closets offer a lot of features and it depends on how you want to use the space. For information about different options, you can visit

If you are planning to buy a large pole system walk-in wardrobe, you should also consider lighting. Large closets need good lighting. A centerpiece or chandelier can enhance the visual appeal and make your closet more elegant.

What are some of the advantages of engaging Gianni Panel as your Pole System Walk-in Wardrobe Supplier?
  1. Customise Wardreobe Design – If you need extra space for your wardrobe accessories, fret no more! Giannel Panel can customize your wardrobe to fit your needs. All our shelves and pole system walk-in wardrobe are customizable to fit your requirements. If you need more space, simply add a modular unit into the pole system and there you go.

  2. High Durability – Durability of your pole system walk-in wardrobe means you get a much better Return-On-Investment (ROI) for your initial investment. Our pole system wardrobe are sleek and easy on the eye. It can withstand heavy usage and thus, rest assured if you have heavy items to be placed in your house!

  3. Adjustability – Our pole system walk-in closet allows you to customize your needs based on the items you want to lay. For example, you might want to have shelving solutions for your wardrobe accessories such as jewelleries, ties and watches! We can assist with that by simplying customize your pole system. (You don't have to pile your ties on top of one another anymore!)