Product Overview

3G Panel

Engineered for Safety and Esthetic
In 2004, we launched one of our best selling products, the 3G Door. This new invention is created to leverage interior designing. Trademark under the Trademark Act 1975, class 20, 3G Door is the invention of Gianni Panel.

The uniquely manufactured door consists of a 2mm / 3mm acrylic surface, sandwiching a Melamine Board with Melamine Veneer. This door is structured with 3G Special Double-sided Tape. To add to its perfection, 3G Door is finished with aluminium trimming and handle over 10-20 microns.

3g panel
3g panel 3g door
The technologically-improved 3G acrylic sheets are made with original materials, not recycled materials, so it will not release black smoke or harmful substance when burned. All 3G Doors surfaced with acrylic sheets have at least 2mm of acrylic. All 3G acrylics are made with imported original materials and advanced technologies from Japan.
Besides acrylic sheets, this elegant door can be surfaced with different material choices as categorised by:
  • • Classical Door
  • • Crystal Door

Due to high demand for home and commercial purposes, 3G Door is also made in the following selections:
  • • Perforated Door
  • • Glass Door

Aluminium Handle Profile

All 3G aluminium extrusions are made with imported original materials from Dubai and advanced Japanese technologies.

Pole System
We have invented a tougher pole system to serve all your home and commercial needs. Some of the outstanding features of our unique pole systems are:
  • 53% heavier than standard aluminium
  • Unique design to hold greater weight load
  • Flexible and scalable
  • LED bars options available
Handles & Edging
Our aluminium extrusions undergo a process of fabricating parts of uniform cross-sections by forcing it to flow under very high pressure through a die orifice. All 3G handles and edging are:
  • Manufactured with higher micron technology (10-20 micron)
  • Anti-oxidant & easy to maintain
  • Minimum 2mm thickness
  • Hold greater weight load
aluminum pallet
Aluminium Pallet
Our aluminium pallet is the new solutions for industrial labour. We tailor make pallet that is:
  • Durable
  • Space saving
  • Easy to clean
  • Bug free
  • Suitable for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries
  • Loading weight: 2,000kgs - 8,000kgs
  • Repairable & High trade-in value
Sliding System
Suspended Sliding Door System
In search for a better way of living, we have found a solution to reducing noise and increasing durability of a door. We looked to Italian technology and have invented the suspended sliding door to overcome door malfunctions.

This European machinery has proved to improve smoothness in sliding door and enhanced durability. Combined with personalised design, this new functionality opens up a new space of practical and convenient environment.
sliding system