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Options for Designing Elemental Wardrobe and Lifestyle Pieces

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Gianni Panel Sdn. Bhd is an international manufacturer and distributor of Aluminium Extrusions. The company is based in Malaysia and it specializes in Aluminum doors, kitchen cabinet doors, 3G door, aluminum profile and aluminum extensions. It has quality aluminum profiles with decent touches for a stylish and modern design which is perfect for your wardrobe. Consequently, the company offers the best wardrobe and lifestyle pieces which are designed with elegance, functionality and versatility in mind. The following are some wardrobe design options that you can use when creating elemental wardrobe and lifestyle pieces.

Basic wardrobe design

It has a basic box-like contemporary design with a rail, frame and shelf at the bottom. It comes in various models and the most recent have more functional and decorative options which include drawers at the bottom with some extra shelves. It is made from various materials, although most feature melamine, wood, nylon and canvas. The wardrobes provide an inexpensive and quick storage solution for your clothes and accessories because they are usually more affordable than other styles of wardrobes.

Armoire design 

Armoire wardrobes are tall and stand-alone since they aren’t built into the wall of your home. They come with shelves, although some models feature a metal rod for hanging your clothing items. Most armoires are made of wood because it provides a visually appealing option with more style than the basic wardrobe. Additionally, they offer storage options which include drawers and dividers. All the same, it is good to keep in mind that most of their storage features can’t be adjusted to suit your needs and preferences because they are usually fixed and permanent.

 Custom wardrobe design 

Custom-fitted wardrobes feature either a fully customized or adjustable self-assembled wardrobe system. The adjustable self-assembled units provide great storage options for organizing your closet space since you can choose the type of door finishes and inside storage features that you want. Moreover, they are quite affordable and hence a great choice when working on a tight budget. Conversely, the fully customized system is quite costly, but it provides limitless choices in terms of storage features, finishes, color options, shoe organizers, door style, accessories and wardrobe design.

Wardrobe door designs 

Giani Panel Sdn. Bhd provides a wide range of wardrobe door designs that feature simple frames and lines to suit the interior home styles of different homes. One of their best wardrobe door design features a sliding door. It has a slim appearance that complements most modern and contemporary interior home styles. The door has an attractive visual appearance that makes it the ideal choice for ensuring the perfect look even for new wardrobes.

The above wardrobe systems are designed to keep your home more organized by offering quality storage areas to keep your lifestyle pieces. They are ideal for use in your bedroom since they are usually tall with cases fitted with drawers, shelves, rods and hooks. Moreover, they feature different types and styles of door including coplanar door, hooked door and sliding doors. It is clear that Giani Panel Sdn. Bhd has a wide variety of wardrobe design and finishes that match your needs. You only need to consider the amount of space that you will be working with as well as the amount of accessories and clothing that you need to organize so as to choose a design that suits you best.