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Improve Your Wardrobe Space with Walk-in Wardrobe

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When making a home improvement, it goes beyond just the floors and walls. The wardrobe is a crucial part of your home storage that needs attention. Based on the amount of garments and shoes you keeping your wardrobe, you will always need enough space and ease of accessing them. So when doing a home renovation, consider improving your wardrobe by creating a walk-in wardrobe if you have extensive floor space in your bedroom. The walk-in wardrobe offers you enough space and ease when you are accessing your wardrobe.

What to Consider When Improving Your Wardrobe

When improving your wardrobe space with a walk-in wardrobe, you may consider consulting a wardrobe expert to help you in laying out your floor appropriately and advice on any replacements needed before you embark on the walk-in wardrobe installation. There are many wardrobe design professionals that can make the process easier for you.

Also make sure to consider the available floor space. This will help you know the design of the wardrobe you will choose to suit your floor. There are standard walk-in wardrobe sizes, which may vary depending on the available space in your bedroom.

Ventilation and lighting in your walk-in wardrobe is also critical. Since you want to use the walls for more storage space, you can plan to install ceiling ventilation systems. Light source should be well located at the centre of the room so that there is enough distribution of light to all corners. The light switch can be put outside the room entrance to prevent you from fumbling through the clothes to try and find the lighting switch.

Creating the Walk-In Wardrobe

So you have finished checking or the necessary requirements and you are ready to install your spacious walk-in wardrobe? Here are a number of tips and steps to assist you in improving that wardrobe with a walk-in wardrobe.

Decide on the walk-in wardrobe shape. There is a range of shapes you can choose from for your walk-in closet. You can consider U-shaped, an L-shaped or a straight walk-in wardrobe. The U –shaped walk in wardrobe occupies all the tree walls giving you enough space for storage. The L-shaped walk in closet will use up only two walls, this will give you space to walk around in the room. The straight walk in on the other hand gives two storage sides where you can place your clothes and your spouse’s on the other side. This is suitable for small rooms.

Create additional storage. Once you have picked the shape and design that fits your space, you will need to create more dedicated space for very item. Make sure to add more drawers for more space and organization. Some items in the wardrobe could be used only once in a year, keep them in separate drawers from those you sue frequently. This way it will be easy to reach each item easily.

Install retractable accessories. One of the best ways of boosting storage space in your walk-in wardrobe is to use anything retractable. This allows you to pull out things when you need them and push them away when you don’t need to use them. Consequently, you will have more space to move around your room.

Design a seating area. For effective functionality of your walk-in wardrobe, you will need a central area where you will seat when dressing up. For large sized spacious walk-in wardrobes, a round seating ottoman is ideal. However, if your walk in wardrobe is small or straight walk, a narrow well furnished bench can do just well. Regardless of the size, make sure to have a place you can seat and dress up comfortably.

Utilize the mirror magic. Mirrors play a key role in creating 'virtual’ space in small rooms and reflecting light around the room. If your walk-in wardrobe has doors, consider having them mirrored. Besides reflecting light throughout the room, the mirrors will also make your room appear larger and welcoming. Mirrors will supplement your dressing efforts as well.


Improving your wardrobe using walk-in wardrobe designs creates more space and ambiance in your room. With creative ideas, you can have a very efficient storage space that satisfies all your storage needs. It is important to consider the available space, lighting and ventilation in the room for a great walk-in wardrobe.