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Home Design Ideas: Sliding Wardrobe Design

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Sliding door wardrobes have been adopted by many people nowadays due to their ability to save on space. Nowadays many homes have small spaces. This is because many people have moved to urban centers where they live in apartments where space is limited. With the sliding door wardrobes, it is very easy to save on space. They are also great wardrobe design which will make your interior stay attractive.

There are rules which should be maintained at all costs to ensure the sliding wardrobes serves you well. You will see sellers in the market adhering to the rules when displaying the sliding door wardrobes. Here are wardrobe design ideas you can follow:

1. The doors should run on their slide fittings

The best wardrobe design should allow the doors to slide on the slide fittings. The door should hang on the slide fittings from where it will run smoothly. The doors should hang from the top. This is necessary because it will develop tension which will prevent it from bending during its service. The assembly is a bit expensive, but it is the best which will assure you long life out of the sliding doors.

Bottom running systems are available but not recommended. This is because when the sliding system will be held by the bottom running system, it will easily get out with time. This can be brought about by the weight of the door which can bend the shutters hence making the wheels come out of the rails.

The bottom systems are also disadvantaged due to dirt. With time dirt can accumulate which will lead the rails to becoming sluggish. This can make the door hard to slide. A sliding door which will be hard to open can easily lead to breakage of glass which is used in the wardrobe doors in most cases. 

2. Use block board to make the shutter
Using materials such as ply board, particle board or MDF will end up bending. A block board will resist bending which will make the sliding door serve you well. Remember a door which will bend will not slide well. It can end up being stuck on the process. Considering you will have to open the door from time to time, you can end up damaging it.

3. A brush should run in the tiny space

In order to avoid cases where dirt will enter your wardrobe and make the clothes dirty, you should have brushes which will run between the small spaces which the doors will leave after they have been closed. The brush should be small enough to fit in the space without excreting pressure on the doors. 

4. Avoid using locks

When operating sliding doors you should avoid using locks. This is because the keys which you will use on the locks can easily get trapped after the doors have overlapped. The locks can also damage the wardrobe in case the doors will bang when the locks have been engaged.

5. Have an overlap on the sliding door

The overlap should be provided in order to provide housing for the brush. The overlap will also house a stopper cum so that the doors will close and remain in the same position after you have shut them.