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Aluminum Door – Features and Benefits

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Aluminum has become one of the staple materials to be used in residential and commercial interior design. This is achieved with its unmatched benefits offered comparing to conventional materials used in the past. Here we discuss the exceptional features found on Aluminum that has made them the prime choice.

One of the biggest advantages recognized is that Aluminum doors provide better stability. With stronger strength to weight ratio, aluminum doors are amazing substitute to our commonly found wooden doors. On top of that, aluminum door provides better durability with lower maintenance. The corrosion resistant qualities of aluminum make them suitable even in harsh outdoor conditions like splashes of rain water etc. Unlike many other previous materials commonly used, aluminum doors will not swell, crack or split over time to ensure an extended product life. These doors can be further protected with anodisation and painting.

Aluminum is also well adapted for the price offered in the market. Unlike premium wood material, aluminum door offers a lower price without having to sacrifice on cosmetics. Aluminum door frame is significantly cheaper than other framing options, but still brings strong and durable yet economical solution to either residential or commercial door solutions.

Aluminum door are amazing in adapting to contemporary interior designs. The emerging new interior designs make use of simple lines and edges, with delicate touches with metal furniture and fittings. If you are a fan of modern and simple designs, aluminum door and fittings should be your way to go. Also worth noting is the flexibility and mold-ability of aluminum, the material can literally be molded into different shapes to better highlight you design. With an endless array of system, finished and glass options, aluminum is capable in delivering a vast range of design possibilities of door designs.

Last but not least, your aluminum door can be applied with different finishing options to make sure they match your interior design perfectly. Powder coating is one of the many options, to help achieve an attractive finish that does not require further repainting. Or, anodizing treatment can help provide better corrosion resistance. These can be done in a wide variety of color options, and are widely utilized for both interior and exterior application. For those who insist on a classic appeal on your door, you can always achieve a timber look with marine grade powder look that replicated textured of timber.