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Aluminum Frames – Advantages of Aluminum Door Frames

Aluminum door frame is your perfect choice to go with any door designs that comes with quality and hassle free experience. There are a few types of aluminum door frames, for example the indoor and outdoor aluminum door frame. If you are somebody that embraces premium quality and quality finish this is for you.

Aluminum frame is made of abundant resources that make up 8% of earth's crust. They are recorded to have a life span of a century. Aluminum's high salvage/recycle redemption value makes it something that is sought after and easily salvaged. There are plenty of alternative materials in door and window frames but nothing beats aluminum for lasting strength through extremes of heat and cold. Pound for pound, they are the best you can buy for your doors and frames. Instead of cutting down forests for doors and interior furniture, aluminum is the perfect alternative for a sustainable environment.

There are indoor and outdoor aluminum door frames, and there are a couple of variations in the category. There are aluminum doors that support multi-folding doors and multi swing doors. These require strong frames and hinges, which where aluminum comes in pretty handy and solid. They are designed to have 2 exclusive point locking system to ensure highest security purposes. Thick aluminum frame is used with double layer laminated glass to ensure home security without sacrificing on looks. Because aluminum frames are water resistant, therefore best for outdoor usages.

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However, there are areas where aluminum frame might fall behind compared to some other alternatives if one considers the premium. Although they are widely-used in door frames but one should look into before deciding on a rather long term investment. Although they are water and moisture resistant, they are huge radiators. They generate a lot more heat into your house. They are also a poor insulator; therefore the amount of heating or cooling energy can be lost through aluminum door frames. Although they are durable, still prone to corrosion if you leave water stains for a longer term. All that being said the disadvantages are negligent if we look at aluminum door frames as an investment.

Although there are plentiful of alternatives in the market, but none comes close to the quality aluminum door frames offer considering the price point. We will always recommend clients to make use of aluminum door frame into their plans.