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Company Profile

Gianni Panel Sdn Bhd is a leading Malaysian manufacturer of 3G Doors, Sliding Doors, Aluminium Frame Doors, as well as Aluminium Frames and Profile Handles.

Gianni Panel Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia leading Aluminium Extrusions manufacturer that specializing in various kind of high quality, stylish and modern aluminium comprise of Aluminium Profile, Aluminium Extrusions, 3G Door, Kitchen Cabinet Door, and Aluminium Door.

Established in 2000, the company's speedy ascent to pre-eminence from its humble beginnings in the domestic market to subsequently exporting internationally is proof of the quality material that we use and the fine craftsmanship that we provide. Our export market reach out to countries covering Europe, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia region. We constantly looking forward to expand and develop our market globally.

Given our standard of craftsmanship and the quality of materials used, you will find our furniture surprisingly affordable.
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