glass door

Gianni Panel is one of Malaysia's leading glass doors manufacturers producing sliding glass doors. We produce the highest quality tempered and insulated glass doors. We are experience in installing glass doors for commercial and residential projects.

aluminium frames

Our aluminium frames are perfect choice for any doors designs and are available in various sizes. These aluminium frames can be installed easily on any type of doors. Aluminium frames are popular for flawless finish, longer durability and corrosion resistance.

sliding door

Gianni Panel manufactures a wide range of aluminium sliding doors. What makes a sliding door different is its ability to completely open up a room. A single sliding door can be constructed to provide you with fantastic interrupted views of the scene beyond.

Welcome to Gianni Panel

Gianni Panel Sdn. Bhd is Malaysia's leading Aluminium Extrusions manufacturer. Our core expertise compromises Aluminium Profile, Aluminium Extrusions, 3G Door, Kitchen Cabinet Door, Aluminium Door and wardrobe design. With decent touches of modern and stylish design, our quality Aluminium profiles is the perfect choice for your home.

Our aluminium sliding door is designed with versatility, functionality and elegance in mind. The simple lines and frames can suit different interior home styles. The sliding door's slim appearance work exceptionally well with contemporary and modern interior designs. The glass slabs allow maximum natural light to enter your house. Also worth mentioning Gianni Panel aluminium sliding doors also reduce down outside noise and retain heat, keeping your home perfectly warm and quiet all year round.

The attractive visual appearance makes our aluminium sliding doors the prime choice for giving just the perfect look for your newly bought property. They can also perform magic in delivering a modern touch to older properties if you are in mind for renovation works.